Rolex itself is obviously critical of the escalating trend towards customization. For the watch buyer, one thing is relevant: every time a new Rolex watch is tampered with, the manufacturer's warranty expires. The manufacturer has the right to do this, even if only the case has been changed, but not the movement. For this reason, some of the tuning forge use older and already used watches for which guarantee and warranty are no longer an issue. With the consequence of the guarantee and service refusal, the watch buyer must also rely on the fact that his individualized watch can be serviced and repaired by companies such as Label Noir or Titan Black - at any time, even decades after the purchase. The German provider Blaken, for example, gives a five-year guarantee to offer the buyer a maximum of security. In addition to the basic service of cleaning and oiling the movement, the individualized watches may also require spare parts from the original manufacturer. However, due to the growing restrictions on watch replacement rolex replica watch parts, this can hardly be guaranteed in the long term.

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