About Camp Bickell

Camp Bickell/ J P Bickell Outdoor Centre is the finest camping facility in Northern Ontario. In operation since 1939, the camp offers fun, adventure, and the best in camping experience.  It is staffed by qualified professionals for children (boys and girls) between the ages of 7 and 14. The Camp is equipped with 15 heated dorms, 5 staff cabins, a maintenance garage, a kitchen/dining hall,  a camp infirmary, washroom & shower facilities, an arts & craft building, a tuck shop, and a beautiful 3,200 square foot lodge with a gorgeous stone fireplace.
The camp is a non-profit, non-denominational, community-owned children's camp.  It is managed by a volunteer ten-member Board of Directors.  It has been running camp programs for youngsters since 1939, regardless of language or religion.  The camp is a registered charity within the province of Ontario.
It stands modernized today as it has for the past 70 years, as a unique summer home where children from around the province, and beyond, come together to participate in a traditional outdoor camping, and learning, experience.
Camp Bickell/ J P Bickell Outdoor Centre provides a safe and supervised environment where children have the opportunity to develop lifetime friendships and bond with children of similar ages.

At Camp Bickell/ J P Bickell Outdoor Centre, we strive to provide a family-like atmosphere with emphasis on a positive attitude from day 1. We encourage the growth of the child’s social and emotional needs and personal skill development.
The staff, at Camp Bickell/ J P Bickell Outdoor Centre, wants to ensure that campers have fun and are able to leave camp with friendships and memories that will endure a lifetime.
We have a goal that every camper arriving has a sense of belonging and leaves camp fulfilled. We strive to accomplish this goal in a safe and vibrant community of staff and campers.

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