Information For Parents

Information for Parents

Welcome parents to our website!  Here are a few helpful tips as you prepare for your son/daughter for camp.  We understand that you want your child to have a positive camp experience.  Camp Bickell / JP Bickell Outdoor Centre focuses on campers having fun, making new friends, and having the best adventure, all by being in a safe environment.
- Think of camp as a learning experience.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to practice “letting go” and gaining some independence.  It allows them to mature, make new friends, develop new social skills, be creative and more.  For many kids, camp gives them a level of personal independence they’ve never experienced before.

- Don’t buy a whole new wardrobe.  Camp is more rugged than life at home.  Send them with their familiar possessions; this will ease the transition (especially important for first time campers).  Don’t expect them to have their clothes all neat and folded when they return home. Get your child to help with the packing.  Choose clothes that, “if it is lost” it’s ok.  We have bags of clothes in our lost and found at the end of each camping week and even with our “run-through” of all of them, they don’t get claimed.  Even more reason to send them to camp with their favourite old jeans! For more information go to What to bring page.
- Homesickness. This is probably your most common fear.  You don’t want your child to be homesick and miserable.  It is normal for campers at times to miss home.  Our staff is trained to help the kids recover quickly and with the camps’ busy schedule, we seldom find kids missing home terribly that they can’t cope.  If necessary our director will call you if your child does not adapt to camp life.  Often kids that are missing home too much, when given the option to leave camp; they don’t want to leave, because they are having way too much fun.  

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