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Beginning in 2000, the Board of Directors of Camp Bickell/ J P Bickell Outdoor Centre embarked on a massive upgrading project at the facility. Since that time, the new 4000 square-foot J P Bickell Lodge has been constructed. In addition, five new washroom-equipped children’s dorms have been completed along with major renovations to the old lodge and nurse’s quarters. In 2003, a new state of the art shower-house was completed. Smaller projects included a new staff cabin and renovations to the director’s house.
The J P Bickell Lodge – 2001
In 2000-2001, the construction of the J P Bickell Lodge was made possible with the support of three main donors. The J P Bickell Foundation, F W Schumacher Foundation, the late William Moffat and the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund made it happen through their generosity.
Children’s Dorms
Over the next five years, five new children’s dorms were built due to the efforts, and generosity, of several individuals and companies. Camp Bickell/ J P Bickell Outdoor Centre has honored these individuals, and companies, by namimg these dorms in their honor. David Windeyer has been a tireless proponent of the facility at the J P Bickell Foundation, George Pirie, then President of Placer Dome Canada, was responsible for getting his company to support construction of a dorm, the late William Moffat was also instrumental in supporting the renovation of the centre andLesley Blanchard, great granddaughter of F W Schumacher, continued the long time support, of the operation, by the F W Schumacher Foundation.
New Kitchen/Dining Hall  2008/2009
In 2008, construction of the new kitchen/dining hall was commenced with completion scheduled for July, 2009. This project was the result of the financial support of Xstrata Nickel and the J P Bickell Foundation who made large donations to make the project a reality.
DSB ONE Broad Base Program
Much of the construction of the Camp Bickell/ J P Bickell Outdoor Centre has been the result of the involvement of the District School Board Ontario Northeast Broad Base Program. Both Timmins High School and Roland Michener Secondary School students have gained valuable experience working on the five children’s dorms as well as the renovation of the old lodge into DSB ONE Hall. The Board of Directors of Camp Bickell/J P Bickell Outdoor Centre greatly appreciates the efforts of these students!
To take a look at pictures of the dedications of our Children's Dorms go to Naming of Dorms or to take a tour of our facilities go to our Site Tour.
Summary of Facility Upgrade Projects
J P Bickell Lodge – 2001
Moffat House Children’s Dorm – 2002
Windeyer House – Children’s Dorm – 2003
Washroom /Shower Facilities – 2003
Placer Dome House – Children’s Dorm – 2004
F W Schumacher House – Children’s Dorm – 2005
Alumni House Children’s Dorm – 2006
DSB ONE Hall – Old Lodge Renovated – 2007
Xstrata Nickel Dining Hall - 2008/2009


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